12/7/2009 8:39:46 AM
I am sad to read about the time and money our mayor is spending while traveling across the US spending money by all accounts the city does not have. If Dellums was a mayor with a "good name" behind him he'd be trying to build our neighborhoods, working with small business owners, religious groups, non profits and more importantly doing things in the city that would give all of us reason to be proud of our mayor and our city in this time of financial devistation. I say freeze his credit card until he can prove that he's committed to doing something for the city. I wonder if while he's traveling does he feel proud staying in hotels and pulling out that credit card that's being paid for by the 3rd hiighest crime city in the US.

2/7/2010 11:49:29

love ur pic . was trying to send u a email but u block me lol, that was not cool.. any ways i like what i see call me when u can plzz 917 676 6420

8/27/2011 12:13:36

Hi Stan--it's Damir. We met in 98--I'm back in the Bay Area--am in Berkeley, actually. Would love to reconnect--if you'd like, get in touch:


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