12/7/2009 8:39:46 AM
I am sad to read about the time and money our mayor is spending while traveling across the US spending money by all accounts the city does not have. If Dellums was a mayor with a "good name" behind him he'd be trying to build our neighborhoods, working with small business owners, religious groups, non profits and more importantly doing things in the city that would give all of us reason to be proud of our mayor and our city in this time of financial devistation. I say freeze his credit card until he can prove that he's committed to doing something for the city. I wonder if while he's traveling does he feel proud staying in hotels and pulling out that credit card that's being paid for by the 3rd hiighest crime city in the US.

What do we all have in common?    Last night I was in the room with President Obama and his supporters here in California.   When Tracy Chapman sang Across the Lines, Revolution and Fast Car we all sang along - of course I was the second loudest in the room...yea, I love Tracy Chapman and damn she looked good.  Nancy Pelosi fired up the folks in the room and introduced President Barack Obama and when he spoke he told the people in the room - which is what I have been telling my neighbors all along - that we are not done.  We did not get him elected to be the president of the United States to leave him alone to fight for US.  

President Obama - I am not tired.  I know exactly where I will be in the next 7 years and that's fighting non-stop for everything that hits the table.  We will make history and I plan to be a part of process. 

...and Ruby R.  If you ever read this - I want you to know that when you came behind me and rubbed my back when I started crying - I remember looking back and seeing your face.  I felt so safe, so certain that I was in the right place.  There's no "thank you" big enough for the love you showed last night so I hope one day I can possibly express my love f
So for some odd reason I wondered in my first blog if I could make a good father and of all the strange things I find myself taking care of my 14 year old nephew Jonah.  I have already enrolled him into private school and have started the task of making sure I am available to him to make sure he's going to learn how to grow up to be an educated, successful, productive Black man.   I am already so proud of his enthusiasm in life and I am 
For my first blog - I decided that I would like to not tackle any particular issue but rather ask a few questions that have come to mind in the last few days - 

1. I wonder sometimes if I had kids would I be a good father.

2. Sometimes I wonder if I took true advantage of waking up in a foreign country for so long and if I could do it all over again - what would I do?

3. I wonder what to do with all of these damn DVD's that I bought and don't really plan on ever watching them again - and if I did would I just order from Netflix?

4. When have I last watched television?

5. I miss my mother - but I just cannot take her phone number out of my phone.